iPhone Apps That Live Up To The Hype

iPhone Apps

iPhone Apps

As you know by now, the iPhone App Store has launched. Above is a screenshot of the iPhone apps that I have downloaded so far. This is my quick take on the Apps that are my favorites so far and that I think have the most promise, starting with the best.


This is an iPhone version of the browser-based Internet radio service. One of the weaknesses I always thought with the iPod was the lack of radio stations. What if I just want to listen to the newest songs in a radio format without having to browse through songs as I would have to on iTunes? Pandora solves this problem, which I think is even more useful on the go than on a PC. You can “like” songs and create your own radio stations just as you could on the PC version of the service. Best of all it surprisingly works fairly well on Edge, with only a short pause between songs. I agree with others, it’s one of my favorites so far.

iTunes Remote

This allows you to control your iTunes from your iPhone. Great idea from Apple. This is clearly the beginning of Apple’s home entertainment system strategy. This makes the Apple TV much more interesting to me.


Shazam allows you to put your iPhone up to a radio (or anything playing a song) if you hear a song that you like. Shazam will identify the song and give you the option to purchase the song on iTunes and, if available, provides a link to a YouTube music video. It worked perfectly for my test on Lupe Fiasco’s “Superstar’ and even my test on the relatively obscure Zion I’s “The Bay.” Not sure how much I would actually use it, but it’s still a pretty innovative idea. I also tried Midomi, which is similar, but also claims to identify songs if you sing into the iPhone. I didn’t try the singing feature, but I tried the test with a song from my computer, but it said the system was busy. I guess it must be crashing with all the traffic today.


One of the most promising areas with mobile is location based services. Loopt can connect you with nearby restaurants, bars, free wifi locations, based on the iPhone’s GPS feature. It can also show you where your friends are nearby and the restaurants or other businesses they have reviewed nearby are. Loopt also provides reviews from Yelp. Yelp’s separate iPhone app is also pretty good. It doesn’t provide location-based social networking, but it does provide location-based searches of, for example, the best pizza restaurant closest to you.

Monkey Ball

Unlike the others, Monkey Ball, based on the Sega game, costs $9.99. It’s not the best game ever created, but it is notable for its use of the iPhone’s motion sensors. It works like the Nintendo Wii by rolling a monkey based on your tilting of the iPhone. This motion sensor-based gaming should be a huge area for app development in the future for the iPhone.


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