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Outside.In’s Maps Local News, Tweets

Start-up recently launched Radar, a service that tells you what is being written online–from news sites, blogs etc.–about a particular geographic location. For example, it tells you what’s happening within 1000 feet of your location. It also collects “conversations” about a location, such as Twitters. The service also remembers what businesses or even neighborhoods in another city that you like, and updates you when things happen at those places. All this information is organized into a map-based interface.

Aggregating neighborhood data is an increasing area of interest. In January another site, Everyblock, launched a similar service that aggregates news, photos and government information, such as crime reports and restaurant health inspections. Everyblock, which has received a grant from the Knight Foundation, graphs all the data onto maps. Yourstreet, which maps news on down to the block level, is another similar service.

In addition to start-ups, giants such as Google and Yahoo are active in the local information space. Google recently release Map Maker, that allow people to create their own maps, and Yahoo has a service in India called Ourcity, and it has also licensed neighborhood information from Urban Mapping. How this will all translate into local advertising is key.


Huffington Post Goes Local, Takes On Newspapers

The Huffington Post, the uber-blog that has taken on the top Web sites and news organizations, is going local. Arianna Huffington’s announcement that her company will be opening “dozens” of local sites across the country marks a potentially new front in the transformation of the news industry. Is this the beginning of a new type of national news chain, like Gannett or McClatchy, but completely online?

While details are scant at this point, Huffington said that the first local blog will be in Chicago. It will start off being run by one editor, but presumably will expand its staff from there.

The move into local news means more competition for local newspapers. Up until now, Huffington Post has not competed directly with local newspapers, instead focusing on national news, in particular political news. But with local news, Huffington Post could provide another source of competition for local newspapers. Most local blogs competing with local papers have been one-man-bands or other smaller scale operations–that have still broken news and drawn large traffic numbers. But Huffington Post, backed by significant resources and carrying a brand name, will present a new challenge.