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The Ignorance Of The Crowds: IMDB Gets Dark Knighted

Dark Knight was a great movie, But nowhere near the greatest movie of all time. (Brando v. Ledger is no contest.) That’s what Dark Knight fanboys on IMDB have rated it. They have also voted down The Godfather from its perch at #1 to move Dark Knight to the top.

Yesterday I noted new forms of crowdsourcing in the planning of a restaurant. The IMDB example shows how the “wisdom of the crowds,” a key tenet for many Web 2.0 companies, is a system that can still be gamed. The out-of-control crowd was most famously seen in the Digg-DVD code affair.

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Clicks to Bricks and Mortar: Crowdsourcing A Restaurant

The Washington Post has a story on a restaurant that is attempting to crowdsource a restaurant, from the interior design, to the concept, to the name.

Newspapers, radio shows, NASA projects and inventions of all kinds have been crowdsourced, so why not a restaurant? The term “crowdsourcing” was coined by Jeff Howe.

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$3,300 To Join A Social Network

Wow that’s pricey. The Financial Times has launched a new social network, FT Media and Technology Executive Leadership Forum. The $3,300 price tag to join includes one free conference and one year of the newspaper. It’s the first in a series of launches planned by FT, with future offerings in luxury goods and property, according to the Guardian.

While media companies are trying many different approaches to engage readers in communities and keep them on their sites–such as working with start-ups like Mixx, Inform, Aggregate Knowledge and Loomia–they are mostly all based on free ad-based models. FT’s move into the luxury area is a very different approach.

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